When Emergency or Disaster Strikes...


Disaster Communications - Emergency Communications are Critical

Disaster Communications is critical for the worst day you can imagine. In a disaster, you need reliable disaster communications for the people you are trusted to protect. There are over 100 declared disasters in the U.S. annually.   As a result, no community is immune from critical incidents or disaster events.  

Additionally, you now must plan for a many threats that didn’t exist years ago. The threat profile you need to plan for is more broad than its ever been. This includes both natural and man-made disasters that can devastate your community. Disaster strike is inevitable. It is simply a matter of when. In short, you need the ability to manage events in the first few hours to minimize impact. How? 

During a Disaster The First Hours Are Critical

Additionally, a lack of communications in the first 72 hours is the main cause for cascading events. We know this from past history. Cascading events greatly magnify a disaster’s harm, and are preventable.    To protect your community from “all hazards” you need reliable communications in the first hours for any situation. This was difficult, until now. 

The ideal Disaster Communications System

  • The SemperComm® Portable Command Center (PCC) is the ideal disaster communications system.  The SemperComm® PCC provides rapidly deployable emergency communications for the first critical hours.
  • Our Portable Command Center (PCC) is truly unique.   Its patented design provides you the ability to operate with complete independence.  For example, with our system, you don’t need any other support systems. 
  • Finally, Our Portable Command Center provides the core communications capability of a Mobile Command Center.  However, unlike other systems, it can be rapidly deployed when infrastructure is destroyed or compromised.

The Most Reliable Disaster Communications System

Additionally, the SemperComm® Portable Command Center provides protection from all hazards. This even includes electromagnetic events such space weather or an EMP.  Our PCC  is designed to work when everything else fails.  

Our Portable Command Center is the ideal system to backup your existing communications systems.  The SemperComm® PCC is so versatile that it can be used in every area of emergency response.  This includes critical incident communications for primary and secondary points of Command and Control.    

Communications vehicles rely on roads. What happens when there are no roads?

Learn Why SemperComm® Is the Command Center Designed For Disaster Communications

Sempercomm provides reliable mobile emergency communications.

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About SemperComm® (“Always Communications”)

SemperComm’s Portable Command Center is the only system available today that does not need any infrastructure in order to operate and provides all the mission critical capabilities above. You can learn more about our patented Portable Command Center Here.

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