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What Equipment is Inside an Emergency Management Mobile Command Center

Equipment Inside and Emergency Management Mobile Command Center

The typical equipment that is found inside an Emergency Management Mobile Command Center varies. This often depends on the primary mission needs of the agency. Often these vehicles will have varied combinations of the following:

Emergency Management Mobile Command Centers (also known as Mobile Command Centers, or Mobile Communication Vehicles) are used to provide Command Communications.  Rapid Command Communications are needed during critical incidents and disasters. Additionally, Emergency Management Mobile Command Centers are used to cover sudden communication gaps. This usually occurs during large scale critical incidents and involves  losing infrastructure, roads, communications or power.

Emergency Management Mobile Command Centers are operated by all types of first responders. This includes Federal, State, County and municipal responders. These vehicles are also used by Non-Government Organizations.  Highly customized,  each agency specifies equipment based on their own mission needs.
Emergency Management Mobile Command Centers are often very large vehicle platforms.  Many require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in order drive and operate them.  This gives them a large footprint. Depending on the agency’s budget, an Emergency Management Mobile Command Center can have extensive facilities.  Command vehicles may have sleeping quarters,  kitchen and rest facilities, conference facilities, and communications systems. Emergency Management Mobile Command Centers are out of the price range for many municipalities can afford.   These types of vehicles often cost $1,000,000 or more.

Emergency Management Mobile Command Center: The Core Function

There are many aspects that an agency must consider before investing in a Mobile Command Center.  However, their main purpose is to provide timely emergency communications.  Getting rapid communications to a critical incident or disaster event is what these vehicles are meant for.

Much of the extra features command vehicles have add little to their primary mission capability.  In essence,  the communications capability is the most important aspect of an Emergency Management Mobile Command Center. Everything else beyond communications are luxuries for many agencies. Many municipalities have austere budgets which prices them out of the full vehicle option. However, there is a solution.

Emergency Management Mobile Command Center Alternative

Additionally, there is an another aspect often overlooked. Emergency Management Mobile Command Centers often fail to be deployed in the the first hours during critical incidents and disasters. These large vehicles have difficulty with rapid and early deployment.  This occurs due to damaged infrastructure such as roads being out due to flooding.  

History has shown in natural disasters these vehicles are often unable to reach critical operation points fast enough. This historical failure with rapidly deployment is well-known. Failed communications is the primary cause for cascading events.  Cascading events greatly multiply the negative outcomes in critical incidents.

The good news is there is now a viable substitute for an Emergency Management Mobile Command Center.  This system provides all the communications capability at a much more affordable price.  This capability is available to anyone needing  rapidly deployable communications without all the overhead. 

The SemperComm® Portable Command Center

The SemperComm® Portable Command Center(PCC) is such a system. SemperComm® is a patented portable Emergency Management Mobile Command Center.  This system provides everything needed to replace a traditional Emergency Management Mobile Command Vehicle. The SemperComm® PCC is completely independent, portable, and affordable.  It can be transported to any frontline position in any existing vehicle.  
As a result, it can literally turn ANY vehicle into an  Emergency Management Mobile Command Center. The SemperComm® Portable Command Center’s (PCC) small size allows for early rapidly deployment.   This provides rapid response capability for the first critical hours.  Establishing an effective Communications “beach-head” early a critical incident provides responders the ability to manage outcomes. 

If you are willing to forgo luxuries, there is no reason you can’t have the primary capabilities of a Mobile Command Center.  The SemperComm® Portable Command Center provides all the core communications functions without all the overhead. The simple fact remains that the most critical aspect of an Emergency Management Mobile Command Center is the emergency communications.  Its the communication systems in the vehicle that are most important and not the vehicle itself.

By focusing on obtaining the core communications capability, any agency can have all the capabilities of Mobile Command Center at mere fraction of the cost.

SemperComm can enhance any command vehicle,increase mobile command center capabilities and design.and provide tactical disaster communications
Command Vehicle design must consider large scale events to provide disaster communication for first responders

If your existing mobile command vehicle lacks the ability to function without power, roads or networks, SemperComm provides solutions.

Tactical Communications must be considered when planning the equipment inside an emergency management mobile command center for disaster response and communication for first responders.

In an extended emergency or disaster it is understood that the first 72-hour window is when you as a responder have the greatest opportunities to minimize impact and save lives. Are you prepared?

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About SemperComm® (“Always Communications”)

SemperComm’s Portable Command Center is the only system available today that does not need any infrastructure in order to operate and provides all the mission critical capabilities above. You can learn more about our patented Portable Command Center Here.

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