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Mobile Command Center Alternative

Why You Need a Mobile Command Center Alternative

Every community and emergency response agency needs an effective Mobile Command Center Alternative.  Why?  Having rapidly deployable emergency communications can change outcomes. You need a system you can count on for the first hours of a critical incident. This is critical for ensuring you are always prepared.  

Moreover, many responders depend entirely on Command Vehicles for rapid deployment.  However, Command Vehicles have a history of failure in the worst disasters. They often cannot be deployed quickly enough to meet rapid response mission needs in the first critical hours.  

Additionally, during critical incidents and disasters, establishing early and rapid communications is the most important action you can take.  Rapid communications positions you to control and manage events. A large scale critical incident can occur at any time. You need to be prepared.  This includes those that already have a Mobile Command Vehicle and those that don’t.  If your community can’t afford a vehicle solution, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the same capability.  You can.  Here’s how.

For those that don’t have a Command Vehicle:  

Our portable system provides you rapidly deployable communications.  This system has the core capability of a Mobile Command Center.  Our system provides you all the communications you need for immediate Critical Incident Response.

For those that already have a Command Vehicle:  

Additionally, our mobile command command center alternative will the increase the capabilities of your existing vehicle. By augmenting your vehicle with our PCC, you can extend you vehicle’s reach.   This will also ensure you’re ready for any situation you encounter.

Mobile command centers may not be present for extended emergency communications.

Increase the effectiveness of your Mobile Command Center with SemperComm® 

SemperComm can enhance any command vehicle,increase mobile command center capabilities and design.and provide tactical disaster communications

Rapidly Deployable Mobile Communications

The SemperComm Portable Command Center (PCC) is the Most Capable System:  

The SemperComm PCC Provides:

  • The ideal system when infrastructure and roads are compromised.
  • The absolute best system that can be rapidly deployed in the first critical hours.
  • The ability to establish early rapid communications for all hazards.
  • The ability for you to change outcomes and save lives.

The Most Cost Effective Solution:

  • Many responders simply cannot a afford the high price of a full Mobile Command Vehicle.
  • Others are dependent for this type of support from outside of their community.
  • Command vehicles are complex and costly, requiring trained staff, special licensing, costly maintenance.

The SemperComm PCC is a small fraction of the cost of a vehicle system.

SemperComm provides autonomous extended emergency communications

The table below shows how the SemperComm PCC compares to full sized Command Vehicles. Notice how the SemperComm PCC wins in every category!

RequirementSemperComm®Mobile Command Center
(Resiliency per Dollar)
$50k - $100k Provides the most resiliency per dollar$1M + High Cost
First 72 Hour WindowSemperComm was designed to meet the critical first 72 hour window mission need with its autonomous operational capabilityOften unable to meet the first 72 hour need due to distance from site or dependence on infrastructure. History of failure for first 72 hour response during the worst disasters.
Deployability & Logistics Logistically light for rapid deployability by few as one person can set up the systemDependent on heavy logistics including personnel to deploy
Power SustainabilitySustainable indefinitely without fossil fuel or power gridUnsustainable without fossil fuel or power grid
Infrastructure Dependence Can operate completely independent of infrastructure whatsoever. No need for roads or other infrastructureHighly dependent on roads, power grids and other infrastructure
FlexibilityDesigned to be multi-mission capable, easily customized.Designed for fixed mission
Operational ProfileLow operational profileHigh profile - potential target
Electro Magnetic Protection / EMPProtected - isolated from power grid, dollars spent for EMP protection leveraged for other non-operational non-EMP threatsVehicle itself is in many cases extremely vulnerable to electromagnetic assault
IntegrationDesigned to integrate
& mesh easily with other platforms and architectures
Design fixed - integrating new systems more costly
Design & ArchitectureRobust multi-node architecture, can deploy dozens of systems for the cost of a single mobile command centerLimited multi-node capability due to cost/ Because of high cost most municipalities can afford only one vehicle. Many can't afford one at all.
ScalabilityHighly scalable, can function as autonomous unit in itself but can be easily expanded for even greater capability.Fixed scalability, not scalable
Lead Time for DeliveryFastest lead time, unit delivery in less than 90 days from orderLong lead times due to customization of packages. Typically 12 months or longer from time of order

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About SemperComm® (“Always Communications”)

SemperComm’s Portable Command Center is the only system available today that does not need any infrastructure in order to operate and provides all the mission critical capabilities above. You can learn more about our patented Portable Command Center Here.

SemperComm® Systems is an Emergency Management consulting firm that provides emergency management services and emergency communications products. To learn more about how SemperComm® can meet your needs contact us.