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Mobile Command Center: The First 72 Hours Are Vital

Mobile Command Center: Why The First 72 Hours Are Vital

With a Mobile Command Center, the first 72 Hours are vital in a disaster or critical incident.   Within the first 72-hours you  have the greatest opportunity to minimize impact and save lives.  Your ability to establish emergency communications during the 72-Hour window is key in determining outcomes. 

Establishing an effective communications “beach head” in the first 72 hours is critical. This single action can mean the difference between life and death during a disaster.  Unfortunately,  critical communications systems and supporting infrastructure can fail just when you need them most.  


A Mobile Command Center For Rapid Response Is Not The Best Solution

Additionally, without realizing it, many communities depend on systems that are vulnerable to disruption.  They are also dependent on systems that need working infrastructure to function.   For example, most emergency communication systems have multiple interdependencies and linkages to other systems.  These linkages are needed in order to function.  Interdependent systems are highly vulnerable failure.   

Examples of interdependent systems include anything that depends on roads, the power grid, networks, or systems depending on fuel. This also includes Command Vehicles. Failure of underlying support systems is what leads to a breakdown in emergency communications.  

Mobile Command Centers Must Provide First 72 Hours Communications

When emergency communications breakdown,  disaster responders lose their situational awareness.  They then lose their ability to manage and control events.  Without the ability to properly communicate, the limited resources become misdirected.  This  causes a “domino effect” also known as “cascading events”.  Loss of communications and situational awareness is the critical element cited for response failures in nearly all major disasters.

Emergency Communications and Cascading Events

Moreover, having the ability rapidly deploy effective emergency communications in the first 72 hours is the one thing that can change outcomes in disasters. Yet few communities are properly equipped for such events. Many communities depend on outside resources for backup support.  This makes these communities more vulnerable to infrastructure failure since resources from outside the community often take longer than 72 hours to arrive.

The Fallacy of "It Can't Happen Here"

Many communities believe “it can’t happen here”, (in their own community). This may be due to history,  resource constraints, or because they are simply overwhelmed by the breadth of hazards they need to plan for. This is very risky. With over 100 declared disasters in the U.S. annually, the real evidence runs contrary to this belief.   Every community has its own unique high risk hazard profile. It’s not a matter of if a disaster will occur, it is simply a matter of when. 

The 72-Hour Emergency Communications Solution

Every community needs an affordable 72-hour emergency communications solution that doesn’t depend on any infrastructure. You need a system that will always work and  will operate with complete independence.  The SemperComm® Portable Command Center’s (PCC) patented design provides the only communication system that doesn’t depend on any other system.   

As a result, you can have highly effective emergency communications system when everything else fails. The  SemperComm® Portable Command Center is affordable highly capable.  The system provides rapid response communications to the most critical nerve center of any operation.   

Command Vehicle design must consider large scale events to provide disaster communication for first responders

If your existing mobile command vehicle lacks the ability to function without power, roads or networks, SemperComm provides solutions.

SemperComm can enhance any command vehicle,increase mobile command center capabilities and design.and provide tactical disaster communications

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SemperComm’s Portable Command Center is the only system available today that does not need any infrastructure in order to operate and provides all the mission critical capabilities above. You can learn more about our patented Portable Command Center Here.

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